Shakespeare as Sophie (lol)

Sophie (Shakespeare)


The Whiskers mob is played by Whiskers

Flower is played by Flower

Maladoy and a snake

McMurphy(Maladoy) and a snake

Zaphod is played by Zaphod

Tosca is played by Baddiel

Shakespeare is played by Shakespeare

Rose is played by Finn

Flower feeding in The Calm Before the Storm

Flower suckling her pups

Parsley is played by Flo

Columbus is played by Kim

Basil is played by Kim

Sophie is played by Shakespeare

Yossarian in the calm before the storm


McMurphy is played by Maladoy

Jogu is played by Jogu


The Lazuli mob is played by Lazuli

Big Si is played by Basil

Carlos is played by JD and an unknown meerkat

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