Rocket Dog - Dominant Female of the Whiskers, played by Rocket Dog(VWF060)

Mitch - New Dominant Male of the Whiskers, played by Machu Pichu(VWM034)

Nugget - Played by Nugget(VWM123)

Beaker - Beaker(VWF124)

Sophie - Played by Ella(VWF095)

Wiley Kat - Mentioned only, played by Wiley Kat(VWF104)

Rita - Mentioned only played by Amira(VWF112)

Finn - Played by Finn(VWF090)


Nikita - Dominant Female of the Commandos, played by Zorilla(VGGF012)

Zorro - New Dominant Male of the Commandos, played by Zarathustra(VWM067)

Miles - Played by Miles(VWM094)

Brutus - one of Zorilla's pups, played by either Benno(VCDM035), Yara(VCDF036) Cody(VCDM037) or Sera(VCDF038)

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