{{Meerkatinfo |Mob(s) = Zappa |Dominant = No |Date of Birth = September 2002

|Date of Death = March 2004 |Cause of Death = Last seen |Parents = Bettik Elveera and probbaly Mack Drie Doring

|Litter-Mate(s) = Baribi [[Tucker Zappa] and Nataka Zappa |Mate(s) = Unknown rover |Children = Unknown

|Known For = Duaghter of Bettik |Also Known As = Daughter of Mack}} |Box Title= Tatu Zappa |Dominant= No |Date of birth= September 2002 |Date of death= March 2004 |Cause of death= Last seen |Parents= Bettik Elveera and probbaly Mack Drie Doring |Litter-mates= Baribi Zappa , Tatu(VZZF007) was born into the Zappa Mob sometime during September 2002. Her mother was the dominant female, Bettik, and her father was most likely the dominant male, Mack. Tatu was born into a litter of four, her litter-mates being Baribi(VZZF005), Nataka(VVZ?006) and Tucker(VZZM008). Sadly, Nataka was Last Seen in October 2003, and her sister Baribi was also Last Seen, but the date and cause of her disappearence was never confirmed. Tatu was evicted by her mother in March 2004; during that month, she was Last Seen. Her brother Tucker disappeared later that year in November.


Mother: Bettik.

Father: Mack.

Siblings: Baribi, Tucker and Nataka.


Zappa Mob

Bettik Elveera

Nataka Zappa

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