was born in August, 2011 into the Sequoia Mob. Her mother was Benzedrine and her father was possibly Bruce. Talkeenta was born into a litter of four, her litter-mates were Kodiak(VSQM033), VSQM034 and Kenia(VSQF036). Sadly, VSQM034 was predated a month after birth, followed by Kenia in October 2011. Then in February 2012, Talkeenta's brother Kodiak disappeared with a splinter group and was Last Seen leaving Talkeenta as the last survivor of her litter. Talkeenta spent most of her yound life in the Sequioa untill in May 2012 when the Sequoia split int two for good. Talkeenta was in the splinter group with most of the meerkats including her father.


The splinter group called Überkatz. Talkeenta's father took up dominance but soon left the group to rejoin the Sequoia. Talkeenta survived to adulthood but her older sister Tina became the dominant female.  In September after the first pups emerged, Talkeenta stayed behind to babysit for the very first time. The Überkatz however did not return to the babysitting burrow leaving the young inexperience babysitter behind to care for the three new pups. Talkeenta however remained with the pups and did not forage for herself. The mob returned after three days and rejoined Talkeenta and the three pups. In late 2012, she became pregnant after mating with one of the Baobab rovers, but aborted her litter in Janaury 2013. Ricou became prengnant and gave birth January 2013 but she lost the litter. In October 2013, Tina evicted both Talkeenta and Ricou. In November Ricou and Talkeenta were seen in the company of a Baobab and two Lazuli males.


The small group stayed together and founded the Chalibonkas Mob. Being older Ricou established herself as the dominant female. She was still pregnant and Talkeeta started showing signs of being pregnant as well. The Baobab male named Bumpy took the dominant male position. Talkeenta is still alive today in the Chalibonkas. Talkeenta was absent at the end of December 2013. She had been evicted by Ricou and was in poor shape, leaving little hope for her return. She was officially Last Seen in December 2013.


Sequoia Mob

Überkatz Mob

Chalibonkas Mob