August 2006: Mozart, Kinkaju, Armanita Ditch and De La Soul joined JD, Shoy and Shady. JD took dominance. Mozart was pregnant.

September 2006: Kinkaju became the dominant female.  Four encounters with Young Ones.

October 2006: Kinkaju was seen mating with Shoy. Kinkaju was pregnant. Mozart gave birth to an unknown number of pups, including VSTP001. The litter was killed by Kinkaju. JD died of TB. Tequila and Titivillus visited. One encounter with Young Ones.

November 2006: Shoy became the dominant male. De La Soul was pregnant. Kinkaju gave birth but her litter was killed by De La Soul. One encounter with Frisky.

December 2006: De La Soul gave birth to VSTP002 and VSTP003. Armanita Ditch was pregnant and died of TB. Biltong and Tequila visited.

Janurauy 2007: VSTP002 and VSTP003 disappeared. Kinkaju was pregnant. One encounter with a group of four rovers.

Febuary 2007: Shady was Last Seen. Kinkaju gave birth to a single pup.

March 2007: Shoy was Last Seen. Kinkaju's single pup disappeared. De La Soul died of TB. Mozart and Kinkaju were separated but reunited the next day. Kinkaju was Last Seen. 

April 2007: Drew joined Mozart, the last female. Mozart was predated and the Starsky was lost.

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