Splash Vivian
Formerly of the Rascals
Date of Birth
March 2, 1997
Date of Death
December 8, 2003
Cause of Death
Vivian and VDM008
Cascade, VVF006, Sparkle and VVF008
Known For
Dominant Female of the Rascals
Also Known As
Yeca's mother


Splash(VVF009) born at the Vivian Mob on March 2, 1997. Her mother was Vivian the dominant female and her father was Drie Doring who was the dominant male. Splash's litter-mates were were Cascade(VVF005), VVF006, Sparkle(VVF007) and VVF008. A few days after Splash's brith, a subordinate female, Splash's older sister named Asphodel gave birth to four pups named Froth, Gleam, River and Swirl on March 9, 1997. Despite having a litter of her own, Vivian allowed the subordinate litter to remain in the Vivian. Splash's father the former dominant male had died and a Young Ones named Stinker joined the group and became the dominant male. Splash and her sisters and Asphodel's litter survived their first year without much evicted. Splash didn't produce many pups at the Vivian, but like all subordinate female meerkats, she took babysitting duties looking after Vivian's pups. In 1998, Splash was evicted along with Aslphodel, VVF006 and VVF008. The females dispersed from the Vivian after they met up with coalition of wild males.  


The two parties settled together without aggressive disputes and established as a new breeding group in the Kalahari Meerkat Project called the Rascals Mob. Although Asphodel was older, Splash established female dominance. It is unknown if Ashodel held dominance before Splash and died or was ousted by Splash. A wild male called Kine took male dominance. Splash and Kine ruled the Rascals and produced many litters becing the Rascals numbers up. Sadly Splash died from disease on December 8, 2003 after being the dominant female for five years. One of her 11 month old daughters, Yeca took over dominant female of the Rascals.


Vivian Mob

Rascals Mob

Yeca Rascals

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