Spitfire(VVM120) was born in the Vivian Mob. His mother was dominant female Rhian and his father was dominant male Jim Bob. His litter-mater are unknown but they most likely are Tonker(VVM115), Bladers(VVM116), Mr. Dynamite(VVM117) and Tomahawk(VVM119). He and his litter-mates survived to adulthood. The Vivian was a big group by then do to Rhian’s many litters. She died evicted females those. Spitfire most likely roved with the other Vivian males. In 2007 Tuberculosis hit the group killing Jim Bob and Rhian. He either died with the rest of the group or left the Vivian to rove. The Vivian was lost in 2007.


Mother: Rhian.

Father: Jim Bob.

Siblings: Tonker, Bladers, Mr. Dynamite and Tomahawk.


Vivian Mob

Rhian Vivian

Jim Bob Young Ones

Tomahawk Vivian

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