Spaceman Spiff in Tree

Spaceman Spiff

Drie Doring

Spaceman Spiff was born on the 18th September 2008 in the Drie Doring Mob. Her mother was Mist. His litter-mates were Commander Keen and Captain Planet. The whole litter survived. The drie doring group numbered 19 members. The group encountered the Frisky and Toyota. Thor is dominant male of the group. Mist gives birth but aborts her next litter. Spaceman Spiff and her siblings begin to forage with the rest of the group. Finn MacCool , the former dominant male, is the sentry of the group. The group encounter the Toyota pack and a wild pack. The Drie Doring don't encounter any groups by the end of the month. Mist gives birth to 4 pups, VDP140, VDP141, VDP142 and VDP143. The litter survived and are still alive. Thor disappears by November 2008, Finn MacCool takes back dominance. Mist is pregnant.

Family Tree

Spaceman Spiff
Commander Keen
Captain Planet

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown

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