• Pozzo, the subordinate who Zaphod gave Youssarian's(Yossarian) stolen millipede to, is actually Yossarian's son.
  • Shakespeare was actually bitten by a puff adder after Yossarian's burrow move, not beforehand as stated on the show.
  • Yossarian initiated a burrow move not because of a predator, but because the Whiskers had remained at the den for over five weeks. Food was becoming scarce and fleas were multiplying, increasing the chance of disease.
  • Tosca(Baddiel) was evicted during this time, she wasn't the babysitter who left "her own pup" lying in the dirt. It was in fact Kinkaju, who was simply confused.
  • Shakespeare was the only other babysitter present during Yossarian's attempted burrow move.

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