Solo was
Solo Gosa

Solo Gosa

First Seen in the Gosa Mob as an young female. Her age, parents and litter-mates are unknown. The Gosa had suffered a large group split bringing the number of the Gosa from 22 to just 10 members. In February 2012, it was discovered that Solo had been evicted from the Gosa group by the dominant female, Cleopatra. However, there was speculation that Solo had been on her own since November 2011. In March 2012, Cleo found Solo underground and attacked her. The next month, the Gosa divided into two groups. One half was led by Delilah. Solo siezed the opportunity and joined Delilah's group. Delilah's group rejoined the main Gosa mob and Cleopatra allowed Solo to stay. After this, a roving male visited the group and mated with Solo. The Gosa realised that Solo had been with the outsider but did not punish her. Luckily for Solo, she didn't fall pregnant. Later on, however, one of the males in the group, Brutus, attempted to mate with Solo but the dominant male Gandalf didn't allow it. Solo is still alive and living in the Gosa today.


Gosa Mob

Kalahari Meerkats

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