Seo Mi Ti(VZZF012) was born into the Zappa mob in November 24, 2002. Her mother was Bettik and her father was Mack the dominant pair of the the Zappa at the time. She was born with two female siblings, Taphin(VZZF013) and Cat Cat(VZZF014). In April 27, 2003 Taphin's sister Cat Cat died, however Taphin and her other sister Soe Mi Ti survived to adulthood. In mid-2004 they were both evicted from the Zappa along with an older sister named Brandy. The females were soon joined by a juvenile male named Ousik from the Young Ones and later an adult wild male.


The group stayed together and formed the Jackals Mob. The wild male named Dizzy Rascal became the dominant male and most likely Brandy took the position of dominant female, being the oldest of the females. The group only lasted a year and soon produced a litter. However Brandy died in December 2004, leaving the dominant female position vaccan. Either Taphin or Seo Mi Ti took dominance after her, however who is unclear. The group was last shortly after both Dizzy Rascal and Ousik were killed on the main road and in July the Jacals were no longer followed. Taphin and Soe Mi Ti  and the pups from the first litter were Last Seen on July 16, 2005.


Zappa Mob

Jackals Mob

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