Snert(VBM005) was First Seen in June 2001 in a wild group know as the Balrog Mob as an adult meerkat. He was not the dominant male but Balrog and the the dominant female was Luella. He often roved at other groups and onces in 2000 when he was still a wild meerkat he had mated with Rhian, the dominant female of the Vivian. He was the real father of Velvet, Viv'e and Vervain not Jim Bob the famous dominant male of the Vivian. Jim Bob had joined the Vivian sometime in late 2000. Snert lived in the Balrog for a few years and often was seen roving at other groups. He finally left to rove along with seven other males one of the males was Janna, another one of the first wild males. They males may have joined another wild group or teamed up with evicted females. He may have taken dominance or another one of the males. His two daughters Velvet and Viv'e later joined the Balrog, Velvet became the long-term dominant female.


Balrog Mob

Velvet Vivian

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