Sisulu(VEM128) was born on January, 8 2008 in the Elveera mob. His mother was Jo Jo Hello. His litter-mates were Sobukwe(VEF127), Tutu(VEM126), Luthuli(VEM129) and VEP130. A month later VEP130 was predated but all four other pusp survived to adulthood. Luthuli tarted babysitting and keeping sentry. Sadly in February 2009 Sobukwe was killed after being bitten by a puff adder and TB signs first appeared on the group. Jo Jo Hello died just four months after Sobukwe by the disease, and Chibuku Scud became the new dominant female. In August 2009 the Elveera split into small groups and all the remaining members, including Teabag, Chibuku Scud, Vidy and Mika all died of tuberculosis. Ash, Gijima and Mr. Scruff are the only know survivors since they left to rove before they got the disease. The splinter groups al disappeared and were Last Seen. The splinter groups all had at least one pregnant female in each group. Sisulu was Last Seen in August 2009 and he could still be alive today.


Elveera Mob

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