• Alexander, who played as Frank, was Zaphod's younger half brother who once was in the Whiskers.
  • This is the second time on the show were Mozart was forced to abandon her pups.
  • It was said that Kinkaju was pregnant to Carlos(JD), though a mating between them was never observed. However she was seen mating with another Starsky member named Shoy (unamed on the show). Shoy became the second dominant male of the Starsky until he disappeared in March 2007.
  • Carlos'(JD) wound was a tuberculosis wound.
  • In reality Mozart never really competed for the position of dominant female, Kinkaju easily established dominance approximately ten days after the group was formed.
  • The incident of Kinkaju killing Mozart's pups truly happened. Ironically when Kinkaju finally gave birth her own pups were killed by another female, presumably by De La Soul (who later played as Whoopie on the show).
  • This is the final episode that Colombus(Machu Pichu) is mentioned in. Machu Pichu later played as Mitch in season four.

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