Sinaga(VSQF045) was born in the Sequoia Mob in September 2012. Her mother was the new dominant female named RU and her father was most probably the short-term dominant male Dali. Chupacabra was born with three litter-mates named Kokopelli(VSQM043), Chupacabra(VSQF044) and Zuni(VSQP046). They were RU's first susseccful litter as the dominant female. Their possible father was of Aztecs origins and had joined the group a few months before after a group split. However Dali and another Aztec male named Chaka were kicked out by the returning Sequoia males including the former dominant male Bruce, who took back dominance. The Sequoia regain some numbers with the old Sequoia males back in the mob which bettered Sinaga's odds at survival. She and his siblings survived their first few weeks and began to leave the burrow with the adults. At two months old, Zuni was predated in November leaving Sinaga with just two litter-mates left. The three pups survived their first few months. Surprisenly Chupacabra was evicted at the age of three months old  in Janaury 2013. Later Sinaga was evicted in May 2013 at seven months old. Possibly the sisters could have been seperated from the mob or the sisters were evicting each other, because they did not appose a treat to RU's dominance. RU nor any other females were able to produce any litters due to a drought making Sinaga's litter the last of the Sequoia. In July 2013, all the adult males had taken to roving including Bruce. In their absence, a group of Van Helsing males joined the mob, a male named Priscilla took up dominance beside RU. However in September 2013, RU and Chupacabra had to be euthanised due to diease. Than the Van Helsing males abandoned the group and Kokopelli went along with them. It is unknown what became of Sinaga, however on her own her chances of survival were low and she was probably Last Seen in September 2013.


Sequoia Mob

RU Sequoia

Dali Aztecs

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