Silks Vivian

Silks, Asphodel and VVM002 (1995, by Pete Brotherton)

Formerly of the Elveera
Date of Birth
March 16, 1996
Date of Death
Cause of Death
Captain Joans, Asphodel and VVU9051
Bettik, Raul, Dante, etc...etc...
Known For
Second Dominant Male of Elveera
Also Known As
Vivian's son


Silks(VVM001) was born on November 5, 1995 in the Vivian Mob. His mother was Vivian, the dominant female whom the group was named after. His father was a Drie Doring male. Silks' litter-mates were Captain Joans(VVM002), Aspodel(VVF003) and VVU9051. VVU9051 was sadly predated, but Silks and the rest of his siblings survived to adulthood..Silks was the first male in the Vivian to get a name code. After the pups grew to maturity a rover from the Young Ones named Stinker joined the Vivian and became the dominant male. Silks left to rove in 1998 and came across another mob.


The group he had found was the Elveera led by dominant female Tenuvial. Silks teamed up with a Drie Doring male and the two managed to join the Elveera. Silks won male dominance over the Drie Doring male. On March 16, 1998 Tenuvial gave birth to their first litter but only one pup named Miles survived. Tenuvial later gave birth to Bettik, Raul and a female pup that died a few months later. Bettik would later form the Zappa while Raul would become the dominant male of the Lazuli and a founder of the Tottenham Mob. On February 20, 1999 Tenuvial gave birth to Diddle, Grub and Cuthbert. On August 2, 1999 Tenuvial gave birth to Dante and his unknown litter-mates. On January 5, 2001 BanditMimi, Joey and Sparkey were born to Tenuvial and Silks. Tenuvial gave birth on August 21, 2000 to Calico, Cambric, Damask, and Taffeta. Then on January 8, 2001 Tenuvial gave birth to Pinkie, Violet, Magenta and Scarlet. They were Tenuvial and Silk's late litter together. Sadly Silks' lost his mate on April 19, 2001. Following this Silks disappeared, what happened to him remains unknown. His son Dante took over as the new dominant male.


Vivian Mob

Elveera Mob

Tenuvial Phantom

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