Shlameasal(VPAM010) was born in September 2012 the Pandora Mob. His mother was Toblerone and his father was Pepper, the dominant couple at the time. Shoshonna was born with two litter-mate Shoshonna(VPAF009) and Shlamuassal(VPAM011). The pups survived their first few weeks and started foraging with the adults. Being the dominant pairs' pups Shlameasal and his litter-mates were spoiled. Sadly Shlamaussal was predated in December leaving Shlameasal and his sister Shoshonna as the last of their litter. Both pups survived to adulthood however Toblerone died in September 2013, and Pepper had disappeared sometime before. Shlameasal's aunt Snowflake became the dominant female. That same month Shlameasal went roving for the first time. Wild males joined the group soon after Pepper's disappearance, and surprisenly allowed Shlameasal to remain in the group. Shlameasal started to go roving with the new males. One by one the wild males started to disappeare except the dominant male. Shlameasal and his sister Shoshonna were the last pups fathered by former dominant male Pepper. Snowflake had already been pregnant before taking dominance and she soon gave birth to a litter, however she soon died. Last Aztec female Molly became the new dominant female. Shlameasel helped out with the new pups and soon Molly and Shoshonna started to produce litters. The Aztecs rose in numbers rather quickly. Still Shlameasel found the time to go roving once or twice a month. In August 2014 Shlameasel went roving and never returned. 


Pandora Mob

Pepper Van Helsing

Shoshonna Pandora

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