She-Ra Baobab
Date of Birth
April 4, 2008
Date of Death
November 2010
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Cruise and unknown
VBBP028, VBBP029, VBBP030, VBBP031, VBBP032 and VBBP033
Known For
Cruise's eldest daughter
Also Known As
Scorpion King and Jason Bourne's sister


She-Ra (VBBF012) was born on April 4, 2008 in the  Baobab. Her mother was Cruise and her father was an unknown rover, possibly Michelangelo. She was born with two brothers named Jason Bourne(VBBM010) and Scorpion King(VBBM011). Cruise's sister and the dominant female of the Baobab Hawkeye was also pregnant and could have killed the subordinate litter. However instead a few days later she gave birth and allowed Cruise to keep her litter. By May eight pups emerged, however two of Hawkeye's pups VBBP016 and VBBP017 were lost. The Baobab was still a young mob with only seven adults and five juveniles, however the Baobab was also a fast growing mob. She-Ra, her two brothers and Hawkeye's three remaining pups survived their first few months. In June 2008 a group split occurried with Jason Bourne and Scoripion King seperating from the group, however the missing meerkats soon rejoined the Baobab. That same month Cruise overthrew Hawkeye and became the new dominant female, however after one litter as the dominant female, Hawkeye reclaimed dominance from her again. She-Ra and her brothers reached their first birthday. She-Ra started to breed with rovers but was unable to bring a litter through. She gave birth along with Kiango, Njovu and Kaya Mawa gave birth to VBBP028, VBBP029, VBBP030, VBBP031, VBBP032 and VBBP033. However within the following month, all the pups were predated. In Late 2009 Hawkeye evicted She-Ra, along with her mother Cruise and several other females.


In Decemer the females were met up with by a Baobab male named Al Catraz and formed the short-lived Urukhai Mob. She-Ra and several of the females were pregnant but she and all the subordinate females aborted their litters, except for Cruise. In Janaury 2010 the Urukhai rejoined the Baobab, Cruise and Al Catraz lost dominance. She-Ra stayed in the Baobab and helped her mother raise her new pups. In April 2010, Hawkeye was killed on the main road and Cruise established dominance again. She started to evict the eldest females including She-Ra. in November 2010 She-Ra was evicted along with Zikomo, Honey, Porcelain, Leptis Magna, Akiko, Nipplescratcher and Spam. All the females failed to returned to the group and were considered Last Seen.


Baobab Mob

Urukhai Mob

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