Shakti(VYF94) was born on September 15, 2002 in the Young Ones Mob. Her mother was Morgause and her father was born Sprite. Shakti was born with two litter-mate sisters named Veda(VYF095) and Ivory(VYF09?). The females survived their first few months, however Ivory disappeared a day after Morgause's next litter on November 30, 2002. Shakti and Veda survived to adulthood and becag helping out more around the group. Morgause evicted most of the adult females in 2003 making Shakti and Veda two of the oldest females. Only one female was older than a year named Asterix. In Febaury 2004, Morgause disappeared, while heavily pregnant and did not return. Asterix was evicted at the time and returned. Shakti, Veda and Asterix started competing for the dominant female position when it became clear Morgause wasn't going to come back. Shakti competed with her litter-mate sister Veda and lost however dominance wasn't settled. Competition for the dominance lasted into the following month. Shakti was pregnant at the time but aborted the litter March 4, and emerged with several injuries after competing with Veda. She was seen activg over submissive towards Veda. This was the last day Shakti was seen with the group. She did not appear back at the burrow during evening weighting session. Shakti was Last Seen on March 4, 2004. 


Young Ones Mob

Morgause Avatar

Veda Young Ones

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