Sexy Scurrie(VEF0??) was born in October 2001 in the Elveera Mob. Her mother was Eleusine and her father was Dante. Sexy Scurrie was born in a large litter of six. Her were litter-mates France Man(VEM0??), Kalahari Girl(VEF0??), Kenya(VEF0??), Muljane(VE?0??), and Rwenzori(VE?0??). All six pups all survived to their first birthday and started helping out around the mob. France Man went roving and was Last Seen in November 2002. Sexy Scurrie remained in the Elveera for the next three years. She got pregnant by a rover and gave birth on March 10, 2004 to Penfold and Pinky, both in which was accepted by Eleusine and made it to adulthood. Later that year in October 2004 she was evicted with another Elveera female and Dr. Kimble, a Zappa female who was adopted into the Elveera as a pup. The three females disapeared for six months then reappeared with a Drie Doring male Cadw Mynd and a Frisky male Punana and nine offspring in March 2005.


The group was collared and named the Nomads Mob. It was unknown if Sexy Scurrie took dominance or the other Elveera female. Cadw Mynd became the dominant male. The group established well but soon the Nomads started to have violent encounters with a wild group. Then in mid 2006 disease struck the group. Sexy Scurrie died of TB in September 2006 and later on the Nomads were lost.


Elveera Mob

Nomads Mob

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