Misable and Frida

A dominance assertion with Misable and Frida bowing up and Sexi Plexi behind them.

Sexi Plexi(VMMF046)


  • On the 29th January 2008, Frida(VMMF024) gives birth to 3 pups, Sexi Plexi, Elian(VMMM047) and Bubble Toes(VMMF048). All the pups survive.
  • November 2009, Sexi Plexi's mother Frida gives birth to a new litter of 5 pups, McGirkey(VMMM053), Beezlle(VMMM054), Lydia Teapot(VMMF055), Grubby(VMMM056) and Whitson(VMMM057)
  • February 2009, Sexi Plexi is pregnant for the very first time, so was her aunt Regopstaan(VMMF020). Both lose their litters.
  • March 2009, Frida and Misable(VMMF017) were pregnant but aborted their litters. Sexi Plexi is pregnant again, so his Regopstaan. Sexi Plexi and Regopstaan abort their litters.
  • July 2009, Hemulen(VMMF010) is pregnant after taking dominance in Moomins. Misable and Firda are both absent by the end of the month.
  • August 2009, Hemulen gives birth to 4 pups. Sexi Plexi, Firda, Misable and Regopstaan are absent by the end of the month.
  • September 2009, Frida, Misable, Sexi Plexi and Regopstaan are still absent and have not returned to Moomins, probably teamed up with wild males.

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