Sex Panther(VKUM054)
Sex Panther

Sex Panther

was born in April 2011 in the Kung Fu Mob. His mother was either Slyder or Pilko and his father was an unknown roving male. Sex Panther was born into a mixed litter of six. His five litter-mates were  Ron Burgundy(VKUM053), Tits McGee(VKUF055), VKUP056, Luka(VKUM057) and Gypsy(VKUF058). His mother was a subordinante female however the mix litter survived. Sadly VKUP056 was predated a month after birth. Sex Panther and the rest of his litter survived to their first year. His brother Ron Burgundy was even fitted with the Kung Fu's radio collar. Pilko and Slyder both had sadly died by this time. Sex Panther went roving for the first time in November 2012. That same month his grandfather and dominant male of the group Ningaloo disappeared and was belived to have died. Most of the adult males had taken to roving allowing some Rascals males to join the Kung Fu. The new males kicked out the last remaining Kung Fu males including Sex Panther and his brother Ron Burgundy. In Decemeber 2012, Sex Panther and his brother Ron Burgundy were Last Seen.


Kung Fu Mob

Slyder Kung Fu

Pilko Kung Fu

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