Scrawny (VEF121) was born in the Elveera Mob on twelfth of August 2006. Her mother was JoJo Hello and Habusu. She had one litter-mate named Mr. Scruff (VEM122). Scrawny and her brother made it to adulthood. Her mother died in June 2009 and her sister Chibuku Scud took female dominance alongside with Teabag. Her brother Mr.Scruff is currently a regular rover, now classified as a Chuckle Brothers member. Mr Scruff is roving with his brothers Gijima and Ash.  Her three brothers are the last of the Elveera and hopefully they will immigrate into a mob soon.

Elveera Splinter

Scrawny, along with Biltong , James BondNathalieCuzcoChil SungLuthuliTutuTogoLenaKeito, and VEM145 splintered from the Elveera in August 2009. However the were Last Seen.

Scrawny, as being the oldest female,could took Biltong as her mate, continuing the bloodline of the lost Elveera and Young Ones .


Mother: Jo Jo Hello

Father: Habusu 

Brother: Mr. Scruff

Grandmothers: Eleusine and Vedra

Grandfathers: Dante and Alexander

Great Grandmothers: Tenuvial and Vivian and Morgause

Great Grandfather: Silks and Stinker or Phoenix


Elveera Mob

Young Ones Mob

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