was born in either March 1, 2011 in the Aztecs Mob. Her mother was Monkulus the dominant female and her father was an unknown rover. Aurora(VAZM032), Bachi(VAZM034), Trinity(VAZM035), Cinnamon(VAZF036), VAZP037 and VAZP038. Sadly VAZP037 and VAZP038 were predated. The remaining five pups survived to adulthood. Sadly Bachi died in May 2012 two months after their first birthday. Scratte remained in the Aztecs and avoided evictioned being one of the younger females. In October, Monkulus was overthrown by her daughter Kathleen and a group of Sequoia rovers had joined the group while most of the males were away roving including Scatte's brother Trinity. Aurora was kicked out of the group by the males and disappeared along with Trinity and most of the other males, leaving Scratte with only her sister Cinnamon as the last of their litter. Scratte was evicted for the first time but managed to get back into the group. Then in November the group split in two with most of the Aztecs members in the splinter. Scratte was evicted again with a few other females and they met up with the splinter.


The splinter was called the Mayans. The Sequoia males who had been in the Aztecs were also with the splinter. Scatte and Cinnamon were the only members of their litter in the splinter. Scratte didn't compete for dominance with the older females. Scatte too a subordinate role and in March 2013, she was reported to be pregnant, probably after mating with one of the Sequoia rovers that visited the Mayans. Within that same month the Mayns splintered. Scratte was in the splinter along with the dominant female Turkey. The splinter group disappeared, so it is unknown what became of Scratte's litter. Scratte was Last Seen in March 2013.


Aztecs Mob

Mayans Mob

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