Scary Mary(VGGF031) was born in a group called the Gattaca on April 16, 2006. Her mother was not the dominant female Risca but one of her daughters named Brufola, while her father was an unknown rover. She was born into a litter of three with two brothers named Oujamaflip(VGGM032) and Benwyn(VGGM033). Risca had no pups of her own at the time and the Gattaca were low in numbers so she allowed Brufola to keep her litter. The Gattaca were suffering from disease but in late 2006 a group of Vivian males joined the group. In December, Brufola and Gringo disappeared after being evicted. In February of 2007, Scary Mary sadly died of disease.


Gattaca Mob

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