Scampi(VTYM028) was born on February 28, 2010 in the Toyota. His mother was Miss Lily The Pink , the dominant female. His father was probably Greegan, the dominant male. His litter mates were VTYM029, Peanut(VTYF030), Squeaker(VTYF031) and Disco Stu(VTYM032). Sadly in December Cantona's father Greegan died from disease and Scampi's older half brother Paymister became the dominant male in his place. In May 2011, Miss Lilly The Pink was euthanised due to disease and her daughter, Scampi's older sister Hoodwink became the new dominant female. In July 2011, a group of JaXX males joined the group, while the Toyota males were out roving. In August 2011 Scampi left the Toyoat for good. He left the group along with Paymister and the older Toyota males.


The six Toyota rovers met up with five evicted Godzilla females and a wild male to form the Yardies. Sadly the two oldest of the Toyota males Paymister and his litter-mate brother Superman died of disease leaving the wild male named Scarface became the dominant male. None of the females could established dominance and without a dominant female and pups the males started to rove again. Scampi roved with his brothers and soon left the group for good in early 2012. Scampi, and the other three Toyota males disappeared and were considered Last Seen. However they were not gone for good.


In June 2012 Scamp and two of the Toyota males joined the Godzilla Mob. His brother Disco Stu had disappeared since leaving the Yardies, he possible died from disease or was predated while the males were roving. Scampi  was the youngest of the three Toyota males so he didn't take dominance. Instead his older brother Rafola became the dominant male. However the group started to die off because of TB. The three rovers were forced to leave the group when the dominant female and the last of the members died.

Chuckle Bros

With no females at their side the three brothers became a roving colition. They became part of the Chuckle Bros, a name used for unattached rovers. They started roving at Frisky untill November 2012 went theymet up with two evicted frmales from the JaXX.


The group was collared and followed, going by the namd of Goodfellas Mob. Rafola was the oldest of the males and the only one with dominance experience so he established dominance over the group. The younger of the two females named Megan Fox became the dominant male. Sadly Scampi died in November 2012, maybe a sign that the group was infected with TB.


Toyota Mob

Yardies Mob

Squeaker Toyota

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