Savuka sentry

Savuka in early 2009.

Savuka(VWM129) was born in the Whiskera on July 29, 2008. His mother was Ella, but his father was not Thundercat, seeing as he joined the group a month before Savuka's birth. Philippe Young Ones  was later confirmed to be Savuka's father. The Whiskers were a small mob at the time, consisting of mostly young meerkats. Being the only pup in the group, Savuka was spoiled. He had no competition for food and was the main focus of the group. However, this only lasted for a short three months. In October, Ella gave birth to a large litter of six pups and the focus was shifted to them, who all survived their first five months. Savuka was old enough to fend for himself and he was expected to do so, and he made it to his first birthday. Like all young males, Savuka started to take an interest in roving. He still helped out around the mob by babysitting and keeping a look out while the Whiskers were foraging. In late 2009, Savuka started to go roving with the older males of the group: Nugget, Juno, Marcio, and Sabota. They visited the nearby groups and were seen at the Kung Fu, Nutters, and Toyota mobs. It is unknown if Savuka mated with any females, and none of the subordinate litters that followed survived. These five males spent the next few months going to every group nearby Whiskers' territory, but didn't have any luck joining a group. Unfortunately, they all went missing. Savuka was Last Seen in January of 2010.


Whiskers Mob

Nugget Whiskers

Juno Whiskers

Marico Whiskers

Sabota Whiskers

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