Savannah(VFF147) was born on August 18, 2008 in the Frisky. Her mother was Bootle and and her father was Gazebo. Savannah was born in litter of four, her litter-mates were her one sister named Athena(VFF144) and two brothers named Phoenix(VFM145) and Zoltan(VFM146). Savannah and her siblings emegered at three weeks of age but were not allowed to go out foraging till they were four weeks old. Soon the pups started foraging with the mob. Savannah's mother and father were the dominant couple of the Frisky so the pups were well looked after. Savannah and her sister and brothers grew fast because the Frisky were a good size group with many helpers to care for the pups. At the age of three months older however, Savannah's mother gave birth to a new litter in November. Savannah's puphood came to an end but she was now old enough to fend for herself. Savannah lived her whole life in the Frisky. Sadly in April 2009 Savannah was predated at the age of eight months old.


Frisky Mob

Athena Frisky

Zoltan Frisky

Phoenix Frisky

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