Sachin Ewoks


was born in February 18, 2012 in the Ewoks. His mother was McDreamy the dominant female and his father was most likely Tigi the dominant male. He was born with just two litter-mates, his one brother named Rahul(VEKM012) and one sister named Mahi(VEKF014). The Ewoks were a small mob that consisted of nine members. The Ewoks weremade up of his mother and father, a male named Crumble, and Sachin's three older siblings named Lorax, Truffula and Bar-Ba-Loot who had been born a year before Sachin. Despite their small numbers and few adults, all three pups survived their first three months. Sadly in May 2012, both Rahul and his sister Mahi were predated leavign Sachin as the only survivor. Sachin survived through his first year despite a harsh on going drought was taking place. As an adult, Sachin started to help out more frequently by taking a sentry post or caring for the pups that were born. Sachin didn't start roving until October of 2013 when the first rains started to occur. His older brother Lorax had left the group making Sachin the oldest subordinate male under his father Tigi. As he got older, Sachin roved more and more. In July 2014, he visited Chalibonkas and mated with their new dominant female, VCKF002. Sachin is still alive in the Ewoks today.


Ewoks Mob

McDreamy Kung Fu

Tigi Rascals

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