Rumpy Pumpy(VNEM036) was born in November 2010 in the Nequoia. His mother was the dominant female named Kaluha, and his father was the dominant male Pantxo. Rumpy Pumpy was born with two litter-mate sisters named Squiddly Diddly(VNEF034) and Wibbly Wobbly(VNEF035). They were the last litter fathered by Pantxo. The Nequoia was a good-sized group, and the three pups soon were old enough to go out foraging. In January 2012, Kaluha was pregnant again but lost the litter in February. In March, Rumpy Pumpy's puphood came to an end when his older sister Gaia gave birth to four pups. At the age of four months, Rumpy Pumpy was expected to fend for himself. Then in April, Pantxo died along with another female named Kikka. Rumpy Pumpy's older cousin Puggle became the new dominant male in Pantxo's place. Then in the following month, Rumpy Pumpy died of disease in May 2012.


Nequoia Mob

Pantxo Nequoia

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