was born into the Lazuli Mob in August 25, 2008. Her mother was either the dominant female Young or a subordinante female named Caroline. Her father was one unknow rover. Rum had three litter-mates, her litter-mates were her one brother named Eigg(VLM141) and her two sisters named Muck(VLF143) and Hen(VLF144 ). A month before Rum was born five Whiskers named Machu Pichu, Wollow, Axel, Rufus, and Rhogan Josh joined the Lazuli. Machu Pichu took male dominance but he was recovering from and snake bit. So his nephew Wollow, who was at least two years younger than him, ousted him from the dominant male position. A month later Machu Pichu and Rhogan Josh later left the Lazuli and formed he PK Mob with Beebop. The Lazuli were low in numbers and losing two adult males could have proven dangerous for the young pups, however Rum and her litter-mates survived. In July 2009 Caroline was evicted and disappeared. Rum and her siblings survived to adulthood. By then Rum was one of the oldest subordinate females under Young, only two of Young's daughters named Calvinia and Christiana were older. Axel left the group with two Lazuli males in October making Rum's brother Eigg one of the oldest subordinate males. Rum became one of the main babysitter in the Lazuli, she was often seen with the pups. In February 2010 both Young and Hen gave birth to a mix litter, Rum was one fo the first to be seen babysitting. That same month Wollow was bitten by a snake and Rufus took dominance from him. As one of the oldest females, Rum started to be evicted more and more by her mother, but unlike her sisters, Rum stayed away from rovers and never got pregnant. Sadly in November 2010 Rum died.


Rum Lazuli

Rum as a pup

Mother: Young or Caroline

Father: Machu Pichu or Wollow or Rhogan Josh or Axel or Rufus

Brother: Eigg

Sisters: Muck and Hen


Lazuli Mob

Caroline Lazuli

Eigg Lazuli

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