Rozza Whiskers


was born on October 14, 2008 in the Whiskers Mob. His mother was Ella his father was Thundercat, they were the dominant couple at the time. Rozza had two other brothers named Gump(VWM132) and Pumplemousse(VWM134), as well as three sisters named McGee(VWF130), Enili(VWF133) and Popple(VWF136). All six pups survived their first three months despite the fact that the Whiskers only had a few adults at the time. In March 2009, the Whiskers had an encounter with the Kung Fu Mob that lasted nearly an hour. During the confusion, Pamplemousse and Popple were seperated from the rest of the Whiskers and were never seen again. Rozza and his remaining three litter-mates survived to adulthood. Rozza's sister McGee was eventually evicted and Last Seen, leaving only Rozza, Enili and Gump in the Whiskers. In May 2010 Rozza went roving for the first time. The went roving regularly for the rest of the year, but his brother Gump was a far more frequent rover. Oddly, in June 2011 Rozza's brother Gump was evicted by their father Thundercat, but was allowed back into the group. That same month their mother, Ella, lost dominance to Oriole, who in turn lost dominance to Rozza's sister Enili. Rozza remained in the Whiskers for around three and a half years. In July 2012 he, along with his brothers Gump and Pitio, left the group for good.


The three rovers came across a newly formed group known as the Überkatz Mob. The males competed for dominance but it was Gump who won. Pitio soon left the group and joined the Hooligans Mob, leaving just the two brothers as the only unrelated males in the group. Rozza became a regular rover within the group. In July 2014 he left the group and was sadly Last Seen.


Whiskers Mob

Überkatz Mob

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