Rose in 2012.

Rose(VVHF047) was born in February 2011 into the Van Helsing. Her mother was Billy, and her father was Titan. Rose was the only female born in her litter; the rest of the litter consisted of Hercule(VVHM045), VVHM046, and Badger(VVHM048). Sadly, VVHM046 was assumed predated in April 2011. Rose and her brother Hercule, along with several other members, were absent from the Van Helsing in August, 2011. However, they all reappeared in the group the next month. Surprising, later in October, there was a mass eviction of Van Helsing females. Rose was one of the victims; she was kicked out by her mother, who was extremely hormonal due to her pregnancy, in spite of being only 7 months old. Luckily, she was allowed to return. In late 2012, Billy began evicting Rose regularly. Eventually, in November 2012, Rose was evicted and sadly Last Seen.


Billy Whiskers

Titan Van Helsing

Hercule Van Helsing

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