Rolo(VJXM012) was born on October 31, 2008 in the JaXX Mob . His mother was Diana and his father was Vince. He had two litter-mate brothers Boost(VJXM013) and Twix(JXM009) and two sisters named Kit-Kat(VJXF011) and Snickers(VJXF010). Rolo and his siblings were the second litter born to Diana in the JaXX. Rolo was a month old when two males named Sid Vicious and Monsoon Moon left the group. In January of 2009 his mother Diana gave birth to Rococo, Wolfie, Kariros and Gene. Rolo and his siblings were no longer the youngest members of the group. Rolo was too young to help his mother care for the new pups. Rolo's cousin Papillon was evictedand disappeared followed by Vicne, Spike and Boost disappeared. Boost and Rolo wer enot even a year old yet. In July 2009 Rolo litter-mate sister Kit-Kat was predated. Diana gave birth in September gave birth to a new litter of pups. Rolo began to help out with adult duties in the group like babysiting the new pups. Rolo older brother Korhaan was predated in November along with VJXM020. In March of 2010 Rolo and his brother Twix and sister Snickers were adult meerkats, His older brother Kori took over as the dominant male since no un-related males had joined the group after Vince died. Rolo started to rove with his brother Twix and Kori. Rolo disappeared in Febaury 2011 and was Last Seen.


JaXX Mob

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