Rococo JaXX


Formerly of the Toyota
Date of Birth
Januany 18, 2009
Date of Death
December 4, 2012
Cause of Death
Diana and Vince
Gene, Kairos and Wolfie
Hoodwink and Naggapatzi
Known For
Losing dominance to Snickers
Also Known As
Dominant Male of the Toyota


Rococo(VJXM014) was born on Januany 18, 2009 in the JaXX Mob. His mother was Diana and his father was Vince. His litter-mates were his one sister Gene(VJXF017) and two brothers Kairos (VJXM016) and Wolfie(VJXM012). In February 2009 Vince, Spike and Boost became seperated from the JaXX and disappeared. Rococo was only a month old but he and his litter survived to adulthood. Rococo older brother Kori took male dominance along side Diana. Rococo and his brothers started roving. Wolfie and Rolo disappeared in early 2011 while Rococo stayed in the JaXX a little longer. In July 2011 Rococo went roving along with his older brothers Twix and Snickers and younger brother Ole. The came across another group.  


The males joined the Toyota Mob while the males were roving. Rococo seized the dominant male position despite that fact that Twix and Snickers were older then him. The dominant female was Hoodwink and soon became pregnant, however she lost her litter. Rococo lost dominance to Snickers a month later. He stayed a subordinate male until Snickers, Twix and Ole died in June 2012. As the last adult male, Rococo took dominance again beside the only adult female left Squeaker. He wasn't able to hold on to dominance for very long. In July 2012, he soon started to rove again and was absent from the mob. While he was away a Drie Doring male named Fingal joined the group and took his place as the dominant male. However Squeaker died and Firefly became the new dominant male. Fingal took to roving soon after. Rococo didn't returned to the group untill two Whisker females had joined the Toyota in September, Naggapatzi taking dominance. Rococo re-established dominance beside the Whisker female, however in October Rococo started to show signs of disease. In November a single male named Princess Madcat join in the group, Rococo was too sick to act as the dominant male so Princess Madcat stayed int he group and took his place as the dominant male. In December Rococo had to be eithanized because of disease.


JaXX Mob

Toyota Mob

Vince JaXX

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