Rioja Rascals


Date of Birth
October 29-31 2008
Date of Death
December, 2010
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Blondie Rascals and unknown male
Sancerre, Grigio, VRRP117 and VRRP119
Also Known As
Blondie's daughter

Rioja(VRRF118) was born between October 29-31 2008 in the Rascals Mob. Her mother was Blondie, the dominant female at the time. Her father was either one of the wild males who had joined the group a few months before she was born, VRRM108, VRRM109 or VRRM110, however these males soon left the group. Rioja's litter-mates were Sancerre(VRRF116), VRRP117, VRRP119 and Grigio(VRRF120). Sadly both VRRP117 and VRRP119 were lost as pups. Two wild males joined the group when she was a pup after the departure of the former wild males. One of the males named Grus took over as the dominant male beside Rioja's mother. Blondie had one other litter of six pups a year later. She died shortly afterwards, Blondie's younger sister Islay took dominance of the group. Sadly, after being the leader for two months, Islay also died. Sancerre took over as the dominant female of the Rascals at just eleven months old. In December, 2009, Rioja became pregnant to a roving male, possibly Marico who had visited in November. Sancerre was also pregnant and later gave birth, but Rioja killed her pups to safeguard her own. On January 15, 2010 Rioja gave birth to a surviving rlitter of three pups; Calendula, King and Lazy Useless B**Tard. When Sancerre gave birth again, Rioja killed her litter once more, but Rioja aborted a month later. Then in July, Rioja and her sister both aborted their next litters. Around this time, Rioja's brother, Grigio, and cousin, Tigi, left the Rascals and formed the Ewoks Mob. In December 2010, Sancerre was pregnant again and, this time, evicted Rioja along with her younger sisters Vela, Ara, and Lyra, and daughter VRRF129, to protect her litter. Ara managed to rejoined the group in Janaury while Rioja, Vela, Lyra, and Calendula left permenately. They were all were considered Last Seen in December 2010.


Mother: Blondie

Father: Unknown

Litter-mates: Sancerre and Grigio, VRRP117 and VRRP119

Mate: Unknown rover

Children: Calendula, King and Lazy Useless B**Tard


Rascals Mob

Sancerre Rascals

Blondie Rascals

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