Riki(VFF001) was born on October 27, 1997 in the newly formed Frisky Mob. Her mother was Igraine and her father was a wild male who had taken up dominance of the Frisky. Riki's litter-mates were VFM002, VFF003 and VFM004. The four pups survived their first three weeks and emerged from the burrow in November. Sadly on December 27,1997 Riki's two brothers VFM002 and VFM004 were found not beeing unable to walk nor breath properly and died. Shortly after VFF003 was predated leaving Riki as the sole survivor of the litter. Igraine gave birth to a new litter on March 6, 1999 when five months old. However all three pups were killed by one of Riki's older half sisters who was pregnant. Riki survived through her first year, however her mother had lost dominance to Jubulani, Riki's older half sister from Igraine's first litter while she was in the Young Ones. On February 2, 1999 Jubulani and four other females were pregnant, and later gave birth, one of these females may have been Riki, however none of the pups survived. Igraine was later evicted with her other two daughters and formed the short-lived Jabberwocky Mob in May 1999. This made Riki the eldest subordinate female under Jubulani. Riki helped out around the mob with the pups. In October 1999 Riki was evicted by Jubulani when she was pregnant along with Gem and Amber. The three females dispersed from the group and wer considered Last Seen.


Frisky Mob

Igraine Avatar

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