Rik(VYM047) was born in Young Ones on April 29, 1999. His mother was a subordinate female named Hunca Munca and his father was an unknown rover. Rik was born with two litter-mates named Alexi(VY?0??) and Neil(VYM0??). Despite being born to a subordinate female, the dominant female allowed the pups to live and made no attempt to kill the litter. Rik survived and reach maturity. He started to take a more active role in the mob by helping with the pups and taking a sentry post while the Young Ones were out foraging. Rik's mother however was evicted by Morgause and dissappared on November 27, 2000. Alexi died or disappeared on November 5, 2001 while Neil disappeared on March 20, 2002 leaving Rik as the last of his litter still in the Young Ones. Rik stayed in the Young Ones for nerly four year till he left the group in April 27, 2003, just two days before his fourth birthday.


Young Ones Mob

Hunca Munca Young Ones

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