• Although Pookie is a real meerkat in the Whiskers, it was actually Shakespeare who saved the pup. The real Pookie, however, may have played himself in the scene where he was scent-marked by Zaphod.
  • Kinkaju was the other babysitter present during Youssarian's(Yossarian) first attempted burrow move.
  • Yossarian didn't attempt to move burrows again until six days later.
  • During the second burrow move, Yossarian only transported Mozart and Tosca's(Baddiel) to the surface. He only led Flower's litter to a new burrow. Mozart and Baddiel moved their own litters to the new den by themselves. During the move, one of Mozart's pups fell behind and died.
  • The scene where "Mozart" notices that her pup is missing is actually Yossarian.
  • Flower's pup, Cruise, grew up to be the dominant female of the Baobab and Urukhai mobs.
  • Flower's pup, Rocky(Hawkeye) grew up to be the dominant female of the Baobab.

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