Ray Ray (VFAF010) was born in the Friksarmy Mob in March 2014. Her mother was Robindrew, the dominant female . Her father was probably Lanky Dave, the former dominant male, who had been overthrown a month before Ray Ray was born. Her litter mates were her two sisters, VFAF008 and VFAF01 and her two brothers, Emmasauross (VFAM009) and Osprey (FAM012). The Friksarmy was an unstable group that had been losing a lot of members. Within their first few months, VFAF008, VFAF011 and Osprey all disappeare, leaving Ray Ray and Emmasauross as the last of their litter still in the group. Ray Ray was among the last members of the Friksarmy. She was Last Seen in February 2015.

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