In 1998: Aspodel, Splash, Cascade, Sparkle, and some wild males formed the Rascals. Kine became the dominant male.

December 1998: Splash became the dominant female.

November 2002: Splash gave birth to Yeca.

Janaury 2003: Splash was pregnant.

February 2003: Splash gave birth to Hearvy.

December 2003: Splash died. Yeca became the new dominant female.

Janaury 2004: Yeca was pregnant.

February 2004: Yeca gave birth to VRRF76 and Coati.

October 2004: Yeca was pregnant.

November 2004: Yeca gave birth to Shnoobkat.

March 2005: Yeca was pregnant.

April 2005: Yeca gave birth to Blondie, Skodnee, Fool, Drag, and Field.

June 2005: Yeca and VRRF076 were both pregnant.

July 2005: Yeca and VRRF076 gave birth to VRRP091, Jackson, Jammy D, and Tooey.

October 2005: Yeca was pregnant.

November 2005: Yeca gave birth to Freya, Shelley, and VRRP097

February 2005: Yeca was pregnant.

March 2006: Yeca gave birth to Bob, Sheenagin, Shanks, and Helsbels.

August 2005: Yeca was pregnant.

September 2006: Yeca gave birth to Skye and Islay.

Janaury 2007: Yeca was pregnant.

February 2007: Yeca gave birth to Nelly and VRRP105.

March 2005: VRRP105 was predated.

April 2007: Rascals have 21 members, Yeca and Spofl were the dominant pair.

June 2007: Nelly was killed.

July 2007: Yeca died. Blondie became the new dominant female. Spofl went roving.

August 2007: Harvey become the dominant male. Spofl went roving and was Last Seen. Skwodnee was Last Seen.

October 2007: Harvey, Coatie, Shnoobkat, Darg, Field, Fool, Jackson, Jammy B, Shelley, Sheenanigan, Shanks, and Helsbels went roving and were Last Seen. Two Frisky males, Fable and Clinton Baptiste, joined the group. Fable became the dominant male.

November 2007: Clinton Baptiste left the group and formed the Kung Fu. Two wild males Hoki and Yebo!! joined the group. Hoki became the dominant male. Fable was absent.

December 2007: Fable was Last Seen.

January 2008: Freya disappeared. Blondie, Tooey, and Islay all were pregnant.

February 2008: Blondie, Tooey and Islay lost thier litters. Hoki went roving. Yebo!! was absent and Last Seen.

March 2008: Yebo!! disappeared.

April 2008: Hoki was Last Seen. Only three members Blondie, Tooey, and Islay were left.

May 2008: VRRM108, VRRM109, and VRRM110 joined the group, no clear dominant male.

June 2008: No dominant male. Tooey was evicted.

July 2008: Islay was pregnant. Tooey appeared four times.

August 2008: Islay gave birth to VRRP111, VRRP112, Tigi, VRRP114 and VRRP115.

October 2008: Blondie gave birth to Sancerre, Rioja, Grigio, VRRP117, and VRRP119. VRRP111, VRRP112, VRRP114, and VRRP115 died.

November 2008: VRRM109 and VRRM110 disappeared and were Last Seen. VRRP119 was predated. VRRM108 may be the dominant male.

December 2008: VRRP117 was predated, VRRM121 and Grus joined the group kicking VRRM108 out. Grus became the dominant male. VRRM108 was Last Seen.

January 2009: Tooey was Last Seen.

February 2009: Blondie was pregnant. Islay was evicted. VRRM121 went roving. Islay and VRRM121 were absent at the end of the month.

March 2009: Islay lost her litter and Blondie gave birth to Crux, Vela, Izar, Ara, Lyra, and VRRM127.

April 2009: No events.

May 2009: No events.

June 2009: No events.

July 2009: Blondie was Last Seen. Islay took over as the dominant female. Tigi went roving.

August 2009: Islay was pregnant.

September 2009: Islay aborted her litter then was killed. Sancerre took over as the dominant female. VRR121 went roving. Marico, Sabota, Eliot, Woolf, and two unknown appeared. VRRM121 was absent.

October 2009: VRRM121 and VRRM127 were Last Seen.

November 2009: Sancerre was pregnant. Marico and an unknown meerkat appeared.

December 2009: Sancerre gave birth but lost her litter. Rioja was pregnant, and Vela was absent at the end of the month.

January 2010: Rioja gave birth to Calendula, King, and Lazy Useless B**Tard.

February 2010: Sancerre was pregnant. One encounter with a wild mob. Tigi was absent.

March 2010: Sancerre gave birth but lost her litter to pregnant Rioja. Rioja and Vela were evicted. Tigi was absent.

April 2010: Tigi was found in a semi wild group called the Colombians. Rioja gave birth to a litter of pups.

May 2010: Rioja lost her litter.

June 2010: No events.

July 2010: Rioja and Sancerre aborted their litters.

August 2010: Lyra was pregnant. Sancerre aborted. Grigio left the group and joined the Ewoks.

September 2010: Lyra gave birth to Gooch, Wenis, Coccyx, and Mushy. Sancerre was pregnant.

October 2010: Sancerre lost her litter. Dragon's Fist, Eagle's Claw, and Princessco appeared.

November 2010: No events.

December 2010: Sancerre was pregnant. Rioja, Vela, Ara and Lyra were all evicted and absent. Rioja, Vela, and Lyra left the group and were Last Seen.

January 2011: Sancerre gave birth to Potjie, Edna May, Zola, and Dizzie. Ara and Calendula were evicted and was absent. Calendula was Last Seen.

February 2011: Zola was predated.

March 2011: Sancerre aborted while Ara was pregnant. King went roving and was absent.

April 2011: Ara gave birth to Mr Glitter, VRRP141, Butters, and VRRP143. King was absent.

May 2011: King was Last Seen, while VRRP141 and VRRP143 were predated.

June 2011: Crux and Izar went roving once each.

July 20011: Sancerre was pregnant. Crux and Izar went roving.

August 2011: Sancerre, Coccyx, and Mushy were pregnant. Crux went roving. Ara and Coccyx were evicted and absent.

September 2011: Sancerre and Coccyx gave birth to Randy, Lenore, Thurman Merman, Mary Doll, Candula, and Nessie. Mushy lost her litter.

October 2011: Sancerre was pregnant. Candula was predated. Ara was evicted.

November 2011: Sancerre aborted. Butters was Last Seen and Nessie was predated. Ara and Thurman Merman were absent.

December 2011: Sancerre was pregnant. Ara and Wenis aborted and were absent. Gooch went roving.

January 2012: Sancerre gave birth Mojito, Bellini, Lorna, and Daquari. Crux, Izar, and Lazy Useless B**Tard went roving. Ara, Wenis, and Mushy were evicted.

Febuary 2012: Crux went roving.

March 2012: One encounter with a wild group. Crux brought back a wild pup; however, later the wild group took it back with them.

April 2012: No events.

May 2012: No events.

June 2012: Izar went roving once. One encounter with Ewoks and Kung Fu.

July 2012: Crux and Izar went roving. One encounter with an unknown group.

August 2012: Sancerre was pregnant. Ara, Coccyx, Mushy, Edna May, and Lenore were evicted. Crux, Izar and Randy went roving. One encounter with an unknown group. Ara, Coccyx, and Mushy were absent.

September 2012: Sancerre gave birth to VRRM154, Hush, and Mouth. Wenis, Edna May, Lenore, Thurman Merman, and Mary Doll were evicted. Crux, Izar, Lazy Uselsee B**Tard, Gooch, Potjie, Mr. Glitter, and Mojito went roving. Ara, Wenis Coccyx, Mushy, Lazy Useless B**Tard, and Mr. Glitter were absent.

October 2012: Grus died and Crux became the dominant male. Sancerre was pregnant and Edna May aborted. Ara was Last Seen. Crux, Izar, Lazy Useless B***Tard, and Randy went roving. Izar, Lazy Useless B***Tard, and Mr. Glitter were absent.

November 2012: Mr. Glitter was Last Seen. Sancerre aborted. Thurman Merman was evicted. Crux and Randy went roving. Izar and Lazy Useless B***Tard were absent.

December 2012: Crux and Poritiji left the group and joined the Kung Fu. Izar and Lazy Useless B***Tard were Last Seen. Edna May aborted. Thurman Merman and Belini were pregnant. Mojiti went roving.

Janaury 2013: Thurman Merman and Belini gave birth but lost their litters. Sancerre was pregnant. Dizzie left the group and joined the Kung Fu. Hush was Last Seen. Mary Doll was evicted. Lorax visited. Two encounters with Ewoks and a wild group.

February 2013: Sancerre was pregnant and gave birth but lost her litter. One encounter with Kung Fu. 

March 2013: Gooch became the dominant male. Two encounters with Ewoks.

April 2013: Mary Doll, Edna May, and Lenore were evicted. Lenore was absent. Two encounters with Ewoks.

May 2013: Lenore was Last Seen. Randy went roving and was absent.

June 2013: Randy was Last Seen.

July 2013: Sancerre was pregnant. Brangy went roving and was absent.

August 2013: Brangy was Last Seen. Sancerre was pregnant. 

September 2013: Sancerre aborted. Edna May became the new dominant female and she was pregnant. Thurman Merman was evicted. Hankson visited. Sancerre was absent.

October 2013: Sancerre was Last Seen. Edna May gave birth to Whiskey, VRRM160, and VRRM161. Gooch and Mojito went roving. Gooch, Mojito, and Lorna were Last Seen. Bellini and Lorna were evicted. Hankson, Lorax, Rahul, and an unknown individual visited. Hankson and VRRM162 joined the group, and Hankson became the new dominant male. One encounter with Ewoks.  

November 2013: Lorax joined the group and became the new dominant male. Edna May and Mary Doll were both pregnant. Thurman Merman, Mary Doll, Bellini and Daquari were Last Seen. Hankson and VRRM162 went roving. Thurman Merman, Mary Doll, Bellini, and Daquari were evicted. Lorax, Rahul, Tulum, and Hercule visited.

December 2013: Edna May gave birth to an unknown number of pups. Mouth was pregnant. VRRM162 went roving. Encountered Priscilla, Drachentöter, Bandersnatch, and an unknown individual. 

Janaury 2014: VRRM160 went roving and was Last Seen. Edna May lost her litter. Mouth gave birth to VRRM163. Bandersnatch and an unknown visited.

February 2014: Edna May was pregnant.

March 2014: Edna May gave birth to VRRF164, Jeff, VRRM166, Bruce, Lulu, and VRRP169. Mouth was pregnant. VRRM163 and VRRM162 went roving. VRRM163 was predated. Encountered Priscilla eight times and an unknown individual once.

April 2014: VRRP169 was predated. Mouth aborted. Hankson and VRRM162 went roving. VRRM162 was absent.

May 2014: VRRM162 and Hankson went roving. VRRM162 was absent. 

June 2014: Hankson went roving three times. VRRM162 was absent. 

July 2014: Edna May was pregnant. VRRM162 and VRRM166 were Last Seen.

August 2014: Edna May gave birth to VRRF170, Oopslie, and Oli. Mouth was pregnant but aborted. Hankson went roving. Edna May and Mouth were evicted. Mr. Lahey visited twice, and Priscilla visited nine times. Mouth appeared nine times. 

September 2014: Edna May was pregnant. Hankson and VRRM161 went roving. Bandersnatch visited once and Priscilla visited eleven times. One encounter with an unknown group.

October 2014: Lorax was bitten by a puff adder and died. Hankson became the dominant male. VRRF170 was Last Seen. Edna May, Mouth, and Whiskey were all pregnant. VRRM161 went roving and was Last Seen.

November 2014: Edna May, Whiskey, and Mouth were pregnant. Mouth, Whiskey, and Lulu were evicted. Bandersnatch visited. One encounter with Kung Fu. Whiskey was absent.

December 2014: Edna May gave birth to VRRP173, Ridiculous Rob, VRRF175, and VRRP176. VRRP173 and VRRP176 were predated. VRRF164 was Last Seen. One encounter with Chalibonkas and Uberkats. VRRF175 was absent.

January 2015: VRRF175 was assumed predated. Edna May was pregnant and gave birth but her litter was killed. Mouth and Whiskey were pregnant and evicted. Bumpy visited. One encounter with Kung Fu.

February 2015: Edna May and Mouth were pregnant. Whiskey aborted. Bumpy visited. One encounter with Uberkatz.

March 2015: Mouth gave birth but her litter was killed. Edna May, Whiskey, and Jeff were pregnant. 

April 2015: Jeff aborted. Edna May gave birth to VRRP178 and VRRP179 but they were killed. Whiskey gave birth to VRRF180, Alpicat, Mariachi, Pilbara, and Paricutin. One encounter with Axolotls.

May 2015: Edna May was pregnant.

June 2015: Edna May was pregnant. Whiskey and Mouth left the group. Paricutin went roving. VRRF180 was evicted. Whiskey, Mouth and Sifaka visited.

July 2015: Edna May gave birth to Balthazaar, Clancy, Thor, and VRRP188. Whiskey rejoined the group. Jeff, Lulu, and VRRF180 were evicted. Mouth and Sharknado visited. Two encounters with Axolotls and Baobab. Jeff and Lulu were absent. 

August 2015: Thor was predated. Edna May and Whiskey were pregnant. Bruce went roving. Mouth appeared five times, Drachentöter and Taz visited the group. Two encounters with Baobab. One group split. 

September 2015: Whiskey gave birth but her pups were killed. Edna May gave birth to Goon Bag, VRRF190, VRRM191, and Cabot. Balthazaar died. Whiskey was evicted, reappeared, then was absent. Sachin, Drachentoter, and Mouth visited. 

October 2015:  VRRM191 was Last Seen. TB lumps appeared on Hankson and Bruce. Whiskey rejoined the group. One encounter with Stumpy's Angels.

November 2015: Hankson died. No dominant male.

December 2015: Goon Bag and VRRF190 were predated. Whiskey was evicted. Oli, Paricutin, and Clancy went roving. Unknown absents. No dominant male.

January 2016: Whiskey, Ridiculous Rob, VRRF180, and Paricutin were evicted. Oli, Clancy, and Goon Bag went roving. Clancy was absent.

February 2016: Drachentöter joined the group and became the new dominant male. Bruce died of TB. Whiskey was evicted. Oopsie, Oli, and Alpicat went roving. Drachentöter and Zorro visited. Two encounters with Überkatz. Oopsie and Oli were absent.

March 2016: Edna May, Whiskey, and Ridiculous Rob were all pregnant. One encounter with Überkatz. Oopsie, Oli, and Paricutin were absent. 

April 2016: Whiskey aborted. Ridiculous Rob was pregnant. Oopsie and Oli were Last Seen. VRRM185 was absent.

May 2016: Ridiculous Rob gave birth to VRRP193, VRRP194, and Machiavell. Drachentöter went roving once. Paricutin was absent.

June 2016: Paricutin was Last Seen. Edna May was pregnant. Whiskey and Ridiculous Rob were evicted. Whiskey and an unknown appeared at the mob. Whiskey and Ridiculous Rob were absent.

July 2016: Edna May gave birth to Sheldon, Heiseinberg, Samba, Miguel, and VRR?200. VRRF180 was pregnant. Whiskey and Ridiculous Rob left the group. Alpicat and Pilbara went roving and were absent.

August 2016: VRRF180 gave birth but lost her litter. Edna May was pregnant. Alpicat and Pilbara were Last Seen.

September 2016: Edna May aborted. Mariachi, Goon Bag, Machiavell, and Sheldon went roving. One group split.

October 2016: Cabot went roving. VRRF193 was evicted. Two unknown meerkats visited. Three daily group splits.

November 2016: VRRF180 was pregnant. Edna May was evicted and absent. No clear dominant female. Mariachi, Goon Bag, Samba, and Miguel went roving. Whiskey visited. One daily group split and one overnight.

December 2016: VRRF180 is now Dominant Female. VRRF180 lost her litter. Edna May is found Dead. Cabot and Mariachi leave the group. 

January 2017: VRRF180 is Pregnant. Genie and Unknown are encountered. Cacahuéte Le Deuxiéme is encountered twice.

February 2017: No Clear Dominant Male. Drachentöter is found dead. Genie and Unknown are encountered twice. VRRF193 is encountered nine times. VRRF194 is encountered 15 times. 

March 2017: Mariachi becomes Dominant Male. VRRF180 gives birth to VRRP201, VRRP202, VRRP203, VRRP204, and VRRP205. Mocha Maya and Butterbeans return to the group.

April 2017: VRRP201, VRRP202, VRRP203, VRRP204, and VRRP205 are predated. One group split lasting a day. VRRF180 is pregnant.

May 2017: VRRF180 gives birth but her litter is lost. VRRF193 overthrows VRRF180 and becomes dominant. VRRM192 succumbs to TB.

June 2017: Mocha Maya and Butterbeans succumb to TB. VRRF180 is last seen. Mariachi, Machiavell, Sheldon, Heiseinberg, Samba and Minguel leave the group. Rascals are lost.

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