Rascals Mob

Rascals Mob

Date of Forming
Asphodel, Splash, Cascade and Sparkle and wild males
Dominant Female(s)
Splash, Yeca, Blondie, Islay, Sancerre, Edna May, VRRF180, and VRRF193
Dominant Male(s)
Current Dominant Female
Current Dominant Male
Number of Members
Pregnant Meerkat(s)
Evicted Meerkat(s)
Roving Meerkat(s)
Absent Meerkat(s)

The Rascals Mob was founded in 1998, when a few evicted Vivian females teamed up with five wild males and formed the group. Dominance was taken by Kine and Splash. After the two were predated, the group's numbers fell down to seven with all the Rascals meerkats were under 18 months old. The eleven-month-old Yeca took dominance next to wild male Spofl. The group's numbers began to rise exponentially. The two stayed dominant for a few years until 2007, when Yeca was killed and Spofl disappeared. Soon after, the group was left with three females, Blondie, Tooey and Islay with a succesion of wild males joining then leaving the group. Over the next two years, the group had three litters with few of the pups surviving. In August 2009 dominant female Blondie was killed and her sister Islay took dominance but she was killed only months later. Blondie's eleven-month-old daughter Sancerre became dominant female beside dominant male Grus, and together they held dominance for three years bringing the Rascals' numbers back up. However several litters were born to subordinate females. In late 2012, Grus died and natal-male males have held dominance since then. n September 2013,  Sancerre went missing, she was heavily pregnant, and was assumed to be dead. Her daughter Edna May became the new dominant female. After the departure of the natal-males, male dominance was held by a Kung Fu male named Hankson and later an Ewoks male named Lorax

Dominant Pair

When the Rascals were formed in 1998, Asphodel and Kine took dominance, then Splash took dominance over the group. After Splash was lost in late 2003 and Kine disappeared the group's numbers fell to only seven led by Yeca. A wild male named Spofl took the position of dominant male and help raise the Rascals numbers until Yeca was lost in 2007. Afterward, Yeca's daughter, Blondie, took dominance next to her brother Harvey. Then two Frisky males joined the group and all the Rascals males left. Fable took dominance only for a month before two wild males, Hoki and Yebo joined the group. Hoki took dominance from Fable. Both males disappeared by April of 2008. Then another pair of wild males joined the group, Grus took dominance next to Blondie. In July of 2009, Blondie disappeared and Islay became dominant female. Two months later, she was predated. Blondie's daughter, Sancerre became the dominant female beside Grus. The two led the Rascals three years until the loss of Grus. Crux assumed natal dominance in his place but he then left the group in December. For three months there was no dominant male, as none of the natal-males seemed interested in dominance. Finally in March, the oldest natal-male Gooch stepped up and became the new dominant male. In September Sancerre went missing, she was heavily pregnant, and was assumed to be dead. Her daughter Edna May became the new dominant female. Then in October 2013, a Kung Fu male named Hankson joined the group along with a wild male and became the new dominant male but only for a month. In November 2013, an Ewoks male named Lorax joined the group and became the dominant male. He remained the dominant male for about a year until he succumbed to a snake bite in October 2014. Hankson re-assumed dominance once again. However, he would succumb to TB in 2016 and his spot would be taken by rover Drachentöter until he died in early 2017. Edna May would also so die in late 2016. The dominant female position was taken up by brother and sister, Laika and Mariachi. Laika was lost after giving birth in May 2017, and so the dominant female position was taken up by Mocha Maya. Sadly, Mocha Maya and Butterbeans, the two remaining female of the group, died of TB in June 2017, bringing the Rascals mob to the end. The remaining six males are still being tracked with hopes of starting a new group with other females.

Current Members

The Rascals have 8 members as of June 2017.

Mocha Maya (VRRF193)  Dominant Female

Mariachi (VRRM182)  Dominant Male

Jeff (VRRF165)

Lulu (VRRF168)

Clancy (VRRM186)


Butterbeans (VRRF194)

Machiavell (VRRM195)


Rascals use to have many battles with Drie Doring and Frisky for several years. However, the group eventually moved south and became rivals to a wild group. The Rascals hardly ever encountered any other mobs until late 2010 when Ewoks formed near them. The Rascals also started to have enounters with Kung Fu, until that group died out. In late 2013 the Chalibonkas and Überkatz became their rivals. Both those groups died out and they have not encountered any groups for over a year now.

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