Rapunzel Vivan
Date of Birth
December 9, 1998
Date of Death
October 13, 2001
Cause of Death
Known For
Zaphod and Yossarian's sister

Rapunzel(VVF031) was born into the Vivian Mob on December 9, 1998. Her father was Phoenix and her mother was Vivian. She had two brothers Zaphod(VVM032) and Yossarian(VVM033). All three made it to adulthood. Her mother died in 2000 and her older sister Rhian took over as dominant female and her older brother Captian Joans took over as dominant male. Rapunzel mated with an rover from the Balrog named Janna. She gave birth on August 21, 2000 to Sifaka(VVF059) , Colobus(VVM054), Tarsier(VVM055),Patis(VVM058)and Macaque(VVM056),. Her two brothers left in 2001 after living in the Vivian for two years. Her nephew Patis  left with them. Both would become dominance in the Whiskers Mob. Rapunzel was evicted with two other Vivain females Kamala and Hong and disappeared after being evicted by Rhian the dominant female. They probably joined wild males. Rapunzel was the oldest of the females so she probably took dominance. She was Last Seen on October 31, 2001 al with Kamala and Hong. Her daughter Sifaka would later joined the Balrog group.


Mother: Vivian

Father: Phoenix

Brothers: Zaphod and Yossarian

Mate: Janna

Children: Sifaka , ColobusTarsier,Patis  and  Macaque.


Vivian Mob

Phoenix Elveera

Zaphod Vivian

Yossarian Vivian

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