Raphael Moomins
Wild and Moomins
No information
Date of Birth
No information
Date of Death
No information
Cause of Death
No information
No information
No information
No information
Known For
One of the 4 wild males who joined the Moomins group of 6 females.
Also Known As
No information

Raphael was born in a wild meerkat mob. he survived to adulthood and took to roving. He left his wild mob with three other males. The males came across six females and one male. This was the small Moomins mob. A hoax male named Houdini had joined the females after their group split. The four males joined the Moomins. Raphael battled for dominance with the the three other males, now named, Leonardo (VMMM042), Donatello(VMMM043) and Michelangelo(VMMM045). Raphael was given the ID Code VMMM044. Leonardo won dominance over the other males. Houdini left the mob. Donatello was the first of the males to died of disease. Grumpy, the ex-dominant female died soon after. Leonardo and Donatello were the only wild males that died of TB. Raphael was last seen in February 2008 before TB began to spread he probably left the reserve. Michelangelo was last seen in December 2009. He too probably left the reserve.

Moomins territory is at the very edge of the reserve so most individuals that are last seen probably left the reserve.


Leonardo Moomins

Donatello Moomins

Moomins Mob

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