Rafiki(VWF002) was born into the Whiskers Mob on August 17, 1998. Her mother was Brambles and her father was Argon. Rafiki had three litter-mates one brother VWM003 and two sisters named Risca(VWF004) and Mufassa(VWF005). Sadly VWM003 was killed by the Lazuli during a group encounter on October 27, 1998. Rafiki and her two remaining sisters survived to their first year. They started helping out in the mob by caring for the pups. It wasn't long before the dominant female Holly started to evicted Rafiki and her sisters along with their mother and aunts. Rafiki was evicted in September1999 with her sisters Risca and Mufassa as well as her mother Brambles and her aunts Piglet and VYF010. The females attempted to rejoin the group after Holly gave birth but only Risca was succeeful in rejoining the group. Rafiki left the monitored area along with her mother, two aunts and sister Mufassa, probably joined wilf rovers. Rafiki was Last Seen on September 23, 1999.


Mother: Brambles.

Father: Argon.

Brother: VWM003.

Sisters: Mufassa and Risca.


Whiskers Mob

Brambles Young Ones

Argon Lazuli

Risca Whiskers

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