Quirkie(VJXM078) was born into the JaXX to subordinate female Cloudbreak on June 15, 2014. His litter-mates consist of Robin(VJXM076), Chewbacca(VJXM077) and Poletje(VJXM079). Unfortunately, in August, Quirkie, along with his litter-mate Robin, went missing, and were declared Last Seen when they failed to return.



VJXM078 got his name "Quirkie" from the FKMP Friends. Suggested by our Friend Loyalkat Sophie from the USA, he's named after the "Quirkie Meerkat Burrow", an online community of meerkat lovers that formed in the very early "Meerkat Manor" times.

"Quirkie" made it to the 2nd place in our Friends Burrow election, he won with 13% of the votes.


JaXX Mob

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