Quintessentials Mob
Date of Forming
January 2014
Dominant Female(s)
Dominant Male(s)
Current Dominant Female
Current Dominant Male
Number of Members
Pregnant Meerkat(s)
Evicted Meerkat(s)
Bridget and Casper Jaggabubba
Roving Meerkat(s)
Absent Meerkat(s)
Pi, Bridget and Casper Jaggabubba

The Quintessentials was formed in January 2014 by two evicted Ewoks females and two wild males. Both females were pregnant and able to bring their litters through. In May it was discovered that Truffula was the dominant female and in June 2014 the dominant male was European Bob. Both European Bob and Truffulla were lost in early 2016 leaving Bernice as the new dominant female. Two Zulus males and a Nematoads male joined the group, Pi became the new dominant male, however, he soon lost his position by wild males who then left the group after an encounter with the Zulus. Chewbacca and Growl Tiger become the dominant pair until December 2016 when Chewbacca left and Growl Tiger was Predated. The Quintessential's were lost after this.

Dominant Pair

Dominance in the group was not discovered until May 2014. Truffula became the dominant female and male dominance was taken by European Bob. They retained their dominance until European Bob was taken by the ongoing drought in January 2016. Two Zulus males and a Nematoads male joined the group in February with Pi taking dominance. Truffula was soon found dead and her daughter Bernice became the new dominant female. In June however, four wild males joined the group and drove the new males out before leaving themselves. Sebastian and several other males from the Überkatz joined the group and Sebastian became the dominant male. One month later he succumbed to TB and Chewbacca became dominant male. Bernice was Last Seen in October 2016 and Growl Tiger became dominant female till she was predated in December 2016. Chewbacca then left the group and the Quintessential's were lost.

All Known Members

Truffula (VEKF008) 

European Bob (QLM008) 

Bar-Ba-Loot (VEKF010)

KC (VQLF001)


Shandy Everywhere (VQLM003)

Tooloose (VQLF004)

Myknob (VQLF005)


Bernice (VQLF010)

Bridget (VQLF011)

Houdini (VQLM012)

Smellie (VQLF014)

Chatsworth (VQLM016)

Casper Jagabubba (VQLM018)

Growl Tiger (VQLM019)








Sebastian (VUKM020)

Potto Von Pissmark (VUKM021)

Luis De Sebinillasn (VUKM024)

Chewbacca (VJXM077)

Paddington (VJXM083)


Bon Marche Rainbow Trout III (VEKM019)

Last Known Members

The Last Known Members as of December 2016 

Growl Tiger (VQLM019)

Chewbacca (VJXM077)

Bon Marche Rainbow Trout III (VEKM019)



The Quintessentials had first formed, the mob had no encounters with any rivals but held a small territory near their origin mob the Ewoks. In later months the Quintessential's moved into a small territory in-between the BaobabVan HelsingZulus and a wild mob.

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