The QQ Mob, formerly known as the KK, was formed in late 2000 by four Ones females and two Vivian males. Soon after the Vivian males left the group to go roving, and two Lazuli males joined the group. The Lazuli males were Argon and his brother Delpheus, who had founded Whiskers, joined the QQ in search of new breeding opportunities. After the dominant female was taken by a bird of prey, Argon left the group and was known to have rejoined Whiskers. Delpheus, the last memeber, returned to his favorite past time roving. He was run over by a vehicle in 2001 and with his death th the QQ was lost.

Dominant Pair

It's not known who became dominant in QQ. Possibly the dominant couple was one of the Young Ones named Hunca Munca who was the oldest of the females. One of the Vivian males mostly Humphry took dominance. After the Vivians left the group and two Lazuli males replaced them, probably Argon became the dominant, and after he left the group, maybe Delpheus took over before he died and the group was lost.

All Known Members

List of all know members of the QQ.

Humphry (VVM028)

Genghis (VVM035)

Hunca Munca (VYF0??)

Venus (VYF0??)

Presephone (VYF0??)

Leia (VYF052)

Argon (VLM002)

Delpheus (VLM003)


Some time in 2000: Humphry and Genghis joined Hunca Munca, Venus, Presephone and Leia and formed the KK later named the QQ

October 2000: Delpheus and Argon joined the group. Humphry disappeared while roving Genghis rejoined the Vivian.

November 2000: Hunca Mucha died. Venus, Presephone and Leia disappeared.

June 2001: Argon rejoined the Whiskers but soon died.

July 2001: Delpheus was hit by a car on the main road and died. The QQ as Lost. Humphry and Genghis are still seen roving in the area.

October 2001: Humphry and Genghis are Last Seen.

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