Pustola(VGGF023) was born in the Gattaca Mob on November 11, 2004. Her mother was Risca and her father was Izit the dominant pair of the Gattaca at the time. Her litter-mates were her sister Brufola(VGGF020) and brothers Nannolo(VGGM021) and Pisolo(VGGM022). The Gattaca were not a very large group due to Risca's low breed succeess. However all four pups survived to adulthood. Pustola was a subordinate female meerkat under her mother Risca. She often babysat the few pups and was evicted a few times. In April 2006, Brufola gave birth to three pups making Pustola an aunt. In July 2006 disease claimed the life of Pustola's father Izit. The Gattaca were without a dominant male. In October Nannolo disappared and a Balrog male named Basta joined the group and took dominance. However within the following month a large group of Vivian males joined the Gattaca and kicked Basta out. Risca got pregnant after mating with one of the Vivain males named Hannibal. She evicted the eldest females, Brufola and Gringo disappared in December 2006 but Pustola managed to rejoined the group. Risca gave birth and Pustola helped babysit. She was by now the oldest subodrinate female under her mother. In April 2007, several of the Vivian males and two Gattaca meerkats left the group. One of the Vivian males named Daffyd established dominance soon after. However even with the enw Vivian males, the Gattaca were still suffering from disease. In May 2007 Pustola succumbed to the disease. Unfortunately the Gattaca was lost soon after when Risca and Daffyd died from disease in 2007.


Gattaca Mob

Risca Whiskers

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