Puggle Nequoia
Formerly of the Nequoia
Date of Birth
February 8-11, 2010
Date of Death
October 2012
Cause of Death
Kikka and an unknown rover
VNEM021 and Cheeky Monkey
Known For
Kikka's eldest son
Also Known As
Dominant Male of the Nequoia

Puggle(VNEM022) was born on February 8-11, 2010 in the Nequoia. His mother was Kikka, a subordnate female and his father was an unknown rover. He was born in a litter of three, his two litter mates were one brother VNEM021 and one sister named Cheeky Monkey(VNEF023). Kikka was not the dominant female but Puggle's aun Kaluha. She had no pups of her own, because Kikka killed her litter, so she allowed her sister's pups to live. All three pups survived their first month and started foraging with the adults. In March when the pups were out foraging with the adults VNEM021 was predated. When Puggle was five months old, Kaluha gave birth to her first. By then, Puggle was able to care for himself. When he was ten months old, his mother gave birth to her second litter. Puggle was still too young to help care for his little brothers. Puggle and his sister survived to their first birthday. Now, Puggle was expected to take part in basic duties around the mob. His mother and aunt kept producing pups, which Puggle helped babysit. Puggle also took a slight interest in roving. His sister started to attract rovers. In July Cheeky Monkey became pregnant but lost her litter to pregnant Kaluha and Kikka. In April 2012 the dominant male Pantxo died of TB along with Kikka. Puggle was the oldest male in the group so he established dominance beside his aunt. He was two years old by then. In June sadly Cheeky Money died as wellleaving Puggle as the last from their litter. Puggle's reign as dominant male was short-lived because in July Puggle, Doug, Mubbles and The Good went roving and in their absance two Aztecs males joined the group. The males were not allowed to rejoin the group and were seen roving around the Kalahari. The Good succumbed to TB in August leaving just three of the rovers. The males were seen at other groups but sadly in October 2012 Puggle was seen in the later stages of TB and was conisdered Last Seen. He probably died soon after.


Nequoia Mob

Kikka Nequoia

Cheeky Monkey Nequoia

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